From the Dust EP

by Hannah Anderson

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The debut EP 'From the Dust' has been in the works over the summer of 2013. Hannah's effort is a sweeping landscape awash of lyrical dreaminess, romance and the playful idealism of young love amidst longing and hope to triumph over tragedy.


released October 1, 2013

Music & Lyrics by: Hannah Anderson
Produced, Arranged and Mixed by: Jonathan M. Gray
Mastered by: Bob Boyd
Edited by: JMG
Engineers: Jay Snider at Tight Sound & JMG

Electric Guitar: Matt Kidd & Sean Gaskin
Acoustic Guitar: Hannah Anderson & JMG
Bass: Matt Kidd & Cody Smith
Strings: (Viola & Violin) JD Karpicke (Upright Bass) Cody Smith
Banjo: Josiah Hall
Ukelele: Marlaina Smith
BGVs: Sophia Anderson & JMG
Keyboards, Drums, Programming, Zither, Mandolin, etc: JMG

(P) Whyself BMI
(C) 2013 Hannah Anderson
(C) 2013 Jonathan M Gray
All Rights Reserved

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all rights reserved


Hannah Anderson Houston, Texas

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Track Name: From the Dust
You said you'll never compromise what I can do
You thought you'd never over analyze what I say
You are too strong for my weak and brittle bones
So won't you raise me up from the dust?

I will cry out for you
I will wait for you

Now look into my eyes and tell me you love me
Listen to my cry, Oh, won't you save me?
With your good and faithful love.
Track Name: What You Do
Just like the dreams in my mind
How they take up my time
That's what you do

You've wanted to know
I'm not sure if it shows
But I choose you

Let's take a ship across the sea
We'll sail into the evening breeze
As we count the stars up in the sky
They're endless as the love I feel inside

Just like the dreams in my mind
How they take up my time,
That's what you do.
Track Name: A Song of Reassurance
How many heartbreaks can one man take before he's done?
How many sorrows can one man hold before it's gone?
You can try to convince me that you're not afraid
You can try to tell me that you don't feel pain

But you're fading
Your colors keep changing
I can see the way you feel inside
There's no point in trying to hide
It will be okay

Empty songs and melodies are being sung
Nothing's gained, but there's a battle to be won
Why can't you just let it go?
I can see the way you feel inside
There's just no point in trying hide
It will be okay
Oh, it will be okay

How many heartbreaks can one man take before he's done?
Track Name: All We Need
Time is all we need
Minutes and hours pass as we proceed
Don't let it slip by, my dear
It's only so far off in fact it's near

But I won't let you go
I won't let you fall
Promises are forever
Dreams do come true
It's not what you say it's what you do

Tell me what you see
Oh, it's up to you to believe
Don't you go away from here
This moment's all we have
It's crystal clear

Take your hand and reach it out to mine
Oh, you always come just in time